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Lucy Harding


Photographer, Filmmaker, Artist

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Based in: Stockton-on-Tees

Works: Across Teesside

Lucy Harding is an experimental photographer, filmmaker and artist. Through a captivating interplay of blur and colour, she creates atmospheric and sometimes surreal visuals, inviting viewers to engage with her work.

Lucy is dedicated to supporting local artists and musicians. Her passion for creativity and collaboration has led to valuable work with bands on their music videos and album covers, as well as photography for independent artists and events.

Lucy’s work extends beyond photography, as she actively seeks opportunities in the film and TV industry. Her experience as a runner on short films and music videos means she has gained valuable skills and insight into the industry.

Lucy was recently commissioned by Crossing The Tees book festival. Taking inspiration from Wuthering Heights, she explored space and change through elements of filmmaking, sound design and set-dressing, delivering the viewer into an atmospheric and immersive installation.