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Charly Mupenga



Based in: Stockton-on-Tees

Works: Across Teesside

I am a freelance mural painter from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I studied at the Academy de beaux-Arts in Kinshasa and the Northern School of Art in the United Kingdom.

I am an abstract and figurative painter, deeply inspired by the political issues in Africa – specifically DR Congo. However, I do not limit myself, and my inspiration changes depending on the reality around me. In most of my paintings there is an extension of the past and what I experienced in the Congolese society – a misfire of happy moments in my family with violence, poverty, injustice, murder; as well as a glimpse of the future where I am heading, which gives me hope.

In a lot of my work I use oil paint or acrylic on canvas, and occasionally add decorative patterns from Bantu culture. The shades of colours also have a great meaning in my work; most of my paintings are very much dominated by the very warm colour which signifies atrocity, violence, wars, and pain. Sometimes I use cold colours for certain subjects of sadness. For example, if I am going to talk about children who have lost their parents in war and violence. I can relate to them. I have experienced the same thing. I have experienced torment since my childhood. It is a burden in my heart and stamp on my brain, I can never forget. Transmitting these feelings on my canvases is a way for me to denounce the evil that is happening in other parts of the world, it is also my contribution to society. (An artist must not be silent).

My work is sometimes realistic, sometimes abstract. My work sample is powerful and deep, and it can be located at a crossroads, between contemporary art and attachment to African roots. The bright and vibrant colours in most of my work represent violence, police harassment, suffering, mixed with the warmth that Africa my continent brings to my heart.