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Debbie Todd is a socially engaged portrait photographer based in the UK. Her practice concentrates on telling stories of marginalised people mainly from working class backgrounds to raise awareness and promote inclusion within society.

Inspired by old master paintings and contemporary photographers, she creates fine art images that engage the viewer to enable them to understand the story and promote diversity and inclusion and reduce stereotyping and misjudgement.

A mature student, Debbie graduated from the northern school of art with a first-class honours degree in photographic practice in 2022 before completing her arts practice masters in 2023 with a campaign based around child organ donation which was published in the UK media.

Debbie has won several awards in 2022 including the Anjoole Malde Award and the BarTur judges’ choice Award. She has been shortlisted for several others including AOP student, RPS, PhotoNorth Student Awards, BIPP and has been featured in some publications and in the media. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally and self-published a book of fine art portraits alongside speaking at events and attending talks for universities and photographic societies.

Moving forward she hopes to work with marginalised groups and charities to raise awareness and support their causes Tobin tease visibility in their communities through their own experiences.