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Hannah Walker-Tonks


Theatre Maker

Based in: Hartlepool

Works: Hartlepool

Hannah is a Performer and Theatre Maker, based in Hartlepool. She studied at Stockton Riverside College, where she completed a BTEC in Musical Theatre. Hannah then went on to achieve a First-Class Honours degree in Performing Arts at Teesside University. She then achieved a Master’s degree in Theatre and Performance at Northumbria University (Times University of the year, 2022). For her Master’s degree, Hannah created and performed a 50-minute show called Jen and The Sea Serpent, which is about a young person called Jen who is battling with anxiety and social anxiety. Jen loves to read and create fantasy worlds in her head. She uses fantasy as a way of coping with her daily struggles. One day, she meets Maisy and falls for her. She finds herself unable to express her feelings to her. Jen wishes she was braver, like the characters in her stories. As Jen’s anxiety grows worse, she finds herself battling against the most fearsome monster yet- The Sea Serpent.

Hannah has previously performed in Kynren- An Epic Tale of England. This is an outdoor show which tells the story of England, beginning at the Roman invasion and ending in present day. She was on the dance team of this production, learning multiple roles. It required a lot of versatility as roles for the show could change for each performance, depending on the number of volunteers present. Hannah especially enjoyed this role as she got to dance with a flaming torch and sword fight. Hannah made sure she was prepared for every single performance. She was always the first person to arrive and ensured that herself and her fellow team members felt confident in their roles for the show.

Hannah is a member of Hartlepool Young Producers, which is a team of young people who create and host events for Hartlepool Museum and Art Gallery. They select artworks for display and write artistic interpretations to help people gain a better understanding of the artwork.

She has performed in many productions including playing the role of Juliet in Stockton Riverside College’s production of Romeo and Juliet in 2019, directed by West End actor David Kirkbride.

Hannah enjoys devising theatre and writing. She loves anything whimsical and different. She has an interest in physical theatre and during her time at university, has studied the works of Jerzy Grotowski, Jacques Lecoq, Ariane Mnouchkine, and Anne Bogart.

Hannah is passionate about making theatre accessible to all. She spent time researching this topic during her time at university and has applied this research into her own theatre practice.

She is keen to experiment and learn new skills. Her natural curiosity has led her to participate in numerous workshops covering areas such as Commedia dell’arte, Puppetry, and Devising Theatre.

Below is a link to Hannah’s website. You can watch the full show of Jen and The Sea Serpent, located in the portfolio section of the website.