Directory Kaitlyn Maxfield Actor, Writer, Director

Kaitlyn Maxfield


Actor, Writer, Director

Based in: Hartlepool

Kaitlyn Maxfield is a 23 year old working class actor, writer and director from Preston and currently living in Hartlepool. 

After beginning her training at The Musical Theatre Training Academy in Preston, she has since graduated her BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen degree at The Northern School of Art, where she is currently studying for her MA in Directing and Theatre Making. She has also been a member of The National Youth Theatre since 2020. 

Kaitlyn was the recipient of the ARC award for ‘Best Solo Show’ in 2023 with her piece “A Penny For Your Thoughts”, an introspective performance that delved into working class issues and stigmas, which is the type of work she leans towards and cares deeply about.

Kaitlyn has performed in both Durham and Newcastle Fringe Festival in collaboration with the feminist company Menstrual Rage in their performances of ‘The Taming Of The Shrew’ which took them to venues such as Alphabetti Theatre. She has also collaborated with the company Changing Relations in their performance of ‘A Is For Amy’ as the role of Amy, which was performed in Little Theatre, Gateshead. 

Kaitlyn is currently developing new work which will be performed at Northern Stage in the New Year as part of her MA.