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Graphic Designer, Illustrator

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Based in: Redcar and Cleveland

With a degree from the Northern School of Art, Gianluca is a graphic designer and creative facilitator focused on expressing his ideas and feelings through his art, and sharing this outlet for expression with others. He believes art is a canvas for the mind.

Gianluca specialises in logo and branding design but his real passion lies in surrealist collage making. He has run various workshops on collaging, believing it to be a fantastic way to visualise the hundreds of thoughts, feelings, and ideas that fly around our heads in every moment. He loves going into charity shops and finding second hand books left on the wayside and upcycling them to create new art and meaning.

Gianluca is also fascinated in space and vintage science fiction, inspired by the themes and feelings conveyed in Holst: The Planets and old sci-fi films. Although his current work is also heavily inspired by modern collage artists Morysetta and Dolores Caldentey. H

e has worked a lot with ARC Stockton and Redcar Palace, and loves to work with local creatives and businesses.You can find more of his work and contact him through Instagram @lucaleedesign